How To Create your own Support account with Sonian

This quick tutorial advises how to create your unique support account to track any request you post to the Sonian Service Delivery Team.


Signing up for a Sonian Support ID

Step 1: Navigate to The Sonian Support Site  (

Step 2:  Locate the "login | sign up" links in the upper right hand corner.

Step 3: Select "sign up" and fill in the appropriate information (name, business email addresss)  and then click the  "Sign me up!" button .

Step 4: An email will be sent to you containing a link to create a password as per the below:  

Step 5: Click the link in the email, enter a new password, and click "Confirm and log in"

 Congratulations!  You are now able to access the Sonian Support Portal which contains valuable tools for help, information on upcoming releases as well as being able to log any support issues you may encounter.

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