Embedded image's/Video's not showing in your browser/view?

Embedded image's/Video's not showing in your browser/view?



This is a default Firefox security feature- When a web page secured through HTTPS includes unsecured HTTP content (the embedded videos), Firefox blocks the unsecured content as a security precaution. See this article from Mozilla's support page for more info:




"This page has insecure content."


Websites that ask for sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, often use secure connections to transmit content to and from the computer you're using. If you're visiting a site via a secure connection, Google Chrome will verify that the content on the webpage has been transmitted safely. If it detects certain types of content on the page coming from insecure channels, it can automatically prevent the content from loading and you'll see a shield icon Insecure content shield icon appearing in the address bar. By blocking the content and possible security gaps, Chrome protects your information on the page from falling into the wrong hands.



What to do if you see this alert

Parts of the page may not display when Chrome blocks the insecure content. You might want to notify the website owner that their site isn't properly secured, particularly if it does not display properly.

Although not recommended, you can choose to override the alert for the page by clicking Load anyway. Chrome will refresh the page and load its content, including any insecure content. The URL in the address bar will show https crossed out to indicate that the page is not fully secure.

Advanced tips

  • You can choose to block certain types of web content, such as JavaScript and images, for all sites by visiting your Settings page. See more information on adjusting your web content settings.
  • Although not recommended, you can also use the command line flag --allow-running-insecure-content to prevent Chrome from checking for insecure content. Instructions on how to add a command line flag can be found on our Chromium site (English only).
  • If you’re a web developer, you can see the insecure scripts found on your site by going to the Chrome menu and selecting Tools > Javascript Console. Issues may sometimes stem from poorly-made extensions or insecure CSS/Flash.


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